Secure Receipt Wallet provides a range of products for different stakeholders involved in the issuance and reception of receipts.

Secure Receipt Wallet

Receive, manage, categorize smart receipts, manage expense plans, be reminded of your expense limits and quotas, receive individualized loyalty specials and offers available to you and many more...
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Secure Receipt Wallet CloudConnect Agent

Skip all integration hassles and all needs for changing your Point-Of-Sale (POS) system. Built upon a patented technology, Secure Receipt Wallet CloudConnect Agent enables all Windows-based legacy and modern POS software systems to issue end-to-end encrypted smart receipts in two easy steps of downloading and registering the POS station in Secure Receipt Wallet Issuer's Portal!
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Secure Receipt Wallet SDKs and APIs

Download our Software Development Kits and start using our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to issue end-to-end encrypted receipts.
Currently available for various versions of the .NET framework (including .NET 4.6, .NET Standard 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, Mono and Xamarin).
More SDKs for JavaScript, Java and PhP are under development.
Secure Receipt Wallet SDK and APIs


Secure Receipt Wallet is a pioneer in end-to-end encrypted receipts through the following features

End-to-End Encryption

Secure Receipt Wallet is a multi patent owner and has set the standard for end-to-end encrypted transfer of receipts. As a business, no data leaves your premises without first being encrypted in a secure and anonymous manner. As an end user, you can enjoy full anonymity and privacy knowing that no one except you has access to your purchase history (not even the seller, nor Secure Receipt Wallet!).

Full GDPR Compliance

The new General Data Protection Regulations enforce intent transparency when maintaining customer information. Other companies that act as an intermediary transferring receipt data from receipt issuers to receipt recipients can hardly comply to GDPR since their business model is designed upon using collected purchase history for marketing purposes.

Security and Privacy

Secure Receipt Wallet are the creators of the Secure Receipt Transfer Protocol which uses a combination of 256-bit Elliptic Curve cryptography, 2048-bit RSA cryptography and 256-bit AES cryptography to perform end-to-end encryption on receipts. Our novel one-way transaction markers and digital signatures preserve your full anonymity and privacy despite enabling sellers to bundle and group receipts that are received by the same recipients without compromising your anonymity.

No-Hassle Integration

At Secure Receipt Wallet, we know one of the biggest blocks against adopting smart receipts is integration with POS systems. Via our patented technology, we have solved the integration problem through our CloudConnect Agent which extracts receipt data from legacy or modern Windows-based POS systems and adds end-to-end encrypted receipt digitization features to such POS systems with no hassles or no needs to integrate with banking systems.

Anonymously-Individualized Loyalty Management

With Secure Receipt Wallet, no one except buyers can have access to their purchase history. However, our platform enables businesses to reward their customers through our patented "Anonymous Abstract Loyalty Management and Marketing Rules". These rules are broadcast to and downloaded by our mobile apps and via local client-side applicability checking against users' private purchase history, eligible offers are "mined" and listed for users without pushing private data out or any server-side processing. This translates into privacy for end users.

Anonymous Digital Signatures

Upon the reception of receipts, our mobile apps digitally sign the transactions using anonymous signatures. This means Secure Receipt Wallet will not be able to determine who the recipient and signer of a transaction is. However, at the time of proving purchase or claiming loyalty offers, the signature can prove the claimer is the party who received the original receipt without compromising their identity or privacy. Receipt issuers also digitally sign receipts at the time of issue. Together, both signatures assure tamper resistance and fraud prevention.

Receipt & Expense Management

Receive, manage, categorize smart receipts, manage expense plans, be reminded of planned returns and your expense limits/quotas, receive individualized loyalty specials and offers available only to you, all in one simple app.

Receive Individualized Specials & Offers

Secure Receipt Wallet's end-to-end encrypted transfer and secure storage of your receipts on your devices assures only will have access to your purchase history. However, through pulling patented "Anonymous Abstract Loyalty Management and Marketing Rules" from our servers and preforming local "Offer Mining", our apps enable you to receive completely individualized offers from your favorite businesses without any of your purchase history being known to anyone, including Secure Receipt Wallet.

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